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My Travel Inspiration: A Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mammas out there! This post is dedicated to a very special mom, mine! Seeing as I cannot be with her in person, I thought the least I could do is share some of the many memories I have with my mom and explain how she has encouraged me to travel and be the person I am today.   When I was little my parents would always take the time to tuck my brother and I into bed. They would read stories and take the time to connect with us. I would tell my mom  ...

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Packing List for a Mediterranean Beach Vacation

A few weeks ago, I took a short trip to Sardinia, an island in the south of Italy (slightly above Sicily). It is famous for its beaches and amazing weather all year round! I had been wanting to go for a long time and finally, after being in Italy for three years, decided it was about time to go! Here is a small list of all the items I packed for my trip! Clothing: Tops: 2 blouses (easy to dress up or down) 2 tank tops (one is a body suit) Cardigan jean jacket (I love my jean jacket that  ...

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My Big Fat ITALIAN Wedding

It’s been one year, and Lorenzo and I have traveled for the vast majority of those days together all the way around the sun. It’s been an amazingly beautiful year and I would not trade a minute of it. April 16th, 2016 I got married: Something I thought I would never do, let alone at such a young age. Our wedding was magical. It was a week worth of weaving two cultures and languages together with love and joy. There were several moments when it was all a chaotic mess, and when the  ...

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30 Day Challenge – Italian Summer Ready

It is well into the New Year, and our resolutions to tone up, eat clean and work on that 2017 six-pack has been delayed too long.. three and a half months to be exact. Travelling has taken priority, because, let’s face it, we can always change our resolutions to next year but you’re not going to turn down the last chance to try an Italian Nonna’s homemade tiramisu (and she’s not going to let you turn it down either). But you know what, summer is approaching, and sometimes,  ...

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