The Italianized Blonde (TIB) is a lifestyle, travel, and culture blog about all things Italy. Here you can find travel tips, personal stories, lots of vino, and some great classic Italian recipes. TIB was started in 2016 as a space where I could express my thoughts and process my new life in this little gem of a country. It has allowed me to work with fellow expats, Italians, and friends. My goal with this blog is to connect on a deeper scale with Italian culture, and become a more open-minded, world citizens.

New in 2018:

weekly updates called Over a Glass of Vino. These posts include weekly highlights, current events, whatever wine I’m currently loving, plus blogs, books, and podcasts worth checking out. Find it under the VINO tab or by clicking here.

ABIGAIL is the blog’s founder and has lived in Italy for three years. Abby is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and has lived in Washington, D.C. as well as all over Italy! She loves studying languages and attempting to use them. If you’re curious about why Abby chose to come to Italy click here to read her post

Left to right: Emily, Chloe, Abigail

TIB Team:

EMILY is from the West coast, her hometown is Eugene, Oregon but she also lived in San Francisco, California. She lived in Italy from September 2016 to June 2017, and loved it! Emily helped start the blog, and format it, without her TIB wouldn’t have been realized. She is passionate about her work with children and traveling the world. To read why Emily decided to move to Italy check out her post by clicking here.

CHLOE is from Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia and became Italianized at age fifteen on a School exchange in Italy’s rugged South, Sicily. Between her Wine Studies and running her Aesthetic Health & Wellness business she loves to immerse herself in all things Italian, write for the blog about her discoveries and hopes one day to change her hair colour to blonde. To learn why Italy has a place in Chloe’s heart, click here.