Over A Few Shots of Espresso-April 9th, 2018

A bit of a different unexpected life update

This “over a glass of Vino” has been transformed into over a few shots of espresso as my travel plans have been thrown into chaos, and I’ve needed a few cups of coffee to power through my day!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and therefore there hasn’t been much new content on the blog, no worries after these few trips there will be lots coming in the months ahead!

Currently, I’m stuck in Lyon, as France is experiencing a train strike. I was due to return home to Turin today, but my train was cancelled. The strikes have been going on all weekend and have made traveling inside or through France quite challenging. The train company is threatening to strike for the month ahead. The good news is I found a bus ticket home and got refunded for my cancelled train.

Part of traveling is accepting that things may not go as planned and that is ok…not fun, perhaps stressful, but in the big scheme of life it’s all ok. Have money saved up or an emergency credit card and go with the flow. (Of course this is my outlook after my mini flip out)

So, I’ve found a Starbucks, free wifi, and decided to get work done, just as I would if I were home. I’ve been planning new content, chatting with my business partner and working on stuff for Scarlet and Hues (if you haven’t already check it out, click here).

Instead of a wine review I’ll give you a sneak peek at upcoming content:

Here are a few things to look forward to in the months ahead:

Slovenia: A young country with an ancient history

MadridA 24 hour city guide

Lyon: a city that has embraced the old and the new

-Spring Fashion in Italy

– Some posts about my beautiful town of Turin

Sending all my positive vibes out into the universe!

Have a great day,


Bonne Journée



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