Barbaresco: A Town Built on Wine

We all know Italy is famous for wine, but have you ever heard of Barbaresco?

Many wine lovers know of Barbaresco as a great rich full bodied red wine, but did you know it is also a quaint little village in italy’s northwestern region of Piedmont?

Barbaresco is a village that began to gain fame only in the last century, before 1894 it was only home to vitners who sold their nebbiolo grapes to be used in the more acclaimed red wine of the Langhe region, Barolo. However, a young man had an idea that over the years would show it’s success as he began to use the nebbiolo grapes from Barbaresco to make its own wine, named after the village. Seeing as the grapes grown in Barbaresco are cultivated in different soil the wine has a unique taste different to Barolo, often discribed as more delicate and feminine than the bold Barolo.

If you’re exploring northern Italy this village should not be overlooked, it is also easy to travel to Barolo from here, and neighboring wine villages. Winos must add Langhe the wine region in Piedmont to their bucketlist!

Things to do:
Barbaresco is a small town and you can explore the whole town within minutes on foot, however it is easy to make a day out of it, eating, drinking and enjoying the weather. Most days there are artisan markers, where traditional products such as wine, truffles, hazelnuts and many other local goodies are sold (great place to find souvenirs to take home!).

While in the city, stop inside Produttori del Barbaresco, it offers free tastings, and the wine is spectacular. It sells bottles and cases on site.

There is also an old church that has been turned into the wine shop, and is well worth checking out! It is such a beautiful creative use of the space. Here you can also have a tasting, it offers wine from several different producers.

Lastly, don’t miss the opportunity to go to the top of the medieval clock tower (dating back to the 1300s) and enjoy the views of the Tanaro Valley.

There are many fabulous restaurants inside the town and truly you cannot go wrong wherever you stop. Outside the city there are many ‘agriturismi’ (farm houses) that offer wonderful traditional lunches and the enviroment is beautiful, great for nature lovers.

Check out winery tours in the beautiful Langhe region that stop in Barbaresco and offer lunch at an agriturismo

Happy travels wine lovers!

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  1. Timpani

    March 26, 2018 at 10:28 PM

    My friend Rachel and I loveeee wine! I’ll definitely be adding this to out list of places to visit someday.

  2. Amber

    March 27, 2018 at 12:29 AM

    It looks like I have another place to add to my travel list! I love places like this!

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