A Non-Intimidating Guide to Wine Tasting

For us wine-lovers, participating in your first wine-tasting can be a bit daunting, I remember my first tasting as being quite an intimidating experience—I didn’t know the etiquette or the process. Since then, I’ve embraced my inner wineo, studied lots, and had the privilege of visiting several wineries and participating in many more tasting.

Italy is wine country and if you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend checking out local wineries. This post will give you the tools to participate in a wine-tasting like a pro and prepare you for your next trip to Italy!

One of my personally favorite wine blogs is Wine Folly founded by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack. In the post How to Taste Wine Like an Expert Justin Hammack provides a 5 step list to wine tasting: look-observe the color of the wine, smell-swirl the glass to aerate the wine releasing the aromas, taste, swallow/spit,and think-what did you taste? Did you like the wine? It’s that simple, don’t be intimidated! In addition the post includes fun tips and advice to make you feel more at ease. Check out the whole article here:

This is a tasting chart that can help you keep track of the wines you taste. The image was found here.

Another great post to prepare you for a wine tasting comes from Winerist, an online wine magazine. This article provides a more detailed list of vocabulary you may want to be familiar with before going to a tasting. It also reassures the reader that “every palate is different and therefore people’s perceptions of wine will vary.” When you’re tasting wine don’t worry if you cannot smell the notes of “sage” or “violet” or whatever else another taster may say. It takes time to develop your tasting skills and seeing as we all taste differently, if you taste things others didn’t mention in your glass of wine, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong. Read the whole article here:

So, to be ready for your next wine tasting remember the following:
Be polite: you don’t need to be snobby or pretentious to properly taste wine. Feel free to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to mention it is your first tasting.
Remember the 5 Steps to Wine Tasting: Look, smell, taste, swallow/spit, and think.
Have Fun: don’t worry about making mistakes or sounding ridiculous. Enjoy your wine and guessing what aromas make up that delicious glass of vino!

The only thing left to do is start tasting some wonderful wines, remember these three steps and you’re sure to have a great time!

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