Turin: What A Wonderful Surprise

Laurence’s Post Part 2

After a good night’s sleep, my tourist adventure in Turin (In Italian the city is called Torino) began. I spent all week there, walking around every day from morning to evening, making visits and what I saw of Turin really delighted me! Honestly, I was not expecting that much of Turin in terms of beauty because I heard about it as an industrial city as the headquarters of FIAT/FCA. But luckily, Turin surprised me in all aspects!

Piazza Castello

It was such a pleasure to wander in the streets and all a sudden finding myself amazed in front a huge historical building! There were so many magnificent buildings to see all around. The geography of the city offers also wonderful look-out points with great views, the mountains (Italian Alps) in the background.

View from Monte dei Cappuccini

The museums were also a must do, especially the Egyptian Museum and the Palazzo Madama.

The Gardens at Palazzo Madama

As a vegan, I was also impressed by the all possibilities I had in terms of vegan food. One of my best food memories in Torino are the vegan ice-creams of “Il Gelato Amico”! Of course, I was taking Nyles (Abby’s dog read part 1 for more info) with me everywhere I could and we spent so many good times just the two of us that I really became attached to him. He was my best friend during my stay in Turin.

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