How I Took My First Solo Trip to Italy: A Pet Sitting Post

Nyles is the reason why all this happens! The magic of pet sitting!

 It’s quite stunning how sometimes a random talk can lead you to live something you had always dreamed of but you just didn’t know how to make it happen. It all started when, during a forest hike in my country Guadeloupe (French West Indies), my friend Amélie told me about the way she was going to cope with her two cats while she will be travelling for three weeks in Ethiopia. She explained to me that a German girl will come at her house while she will be aboard to take care of her cats. That way, she would be able to leave without any concern about her cats and on the other hand a German girl would get free accommodation and a wonderful opportunity to discover Guadeloupe.

I had never heard of “pet sitting” before and I found this concept very interesting. As soon as I got home I subscribed to the website that she had used to find her pet sitter. I was at my turn determined to be a pet sitter! At this time of my life, I was craving for travelling because it had been more than two years since I last travelled. In addition, I had just faced a big disappointment because I was supposed to go with my friend to Ethiopia. We had started planning together but unfortunately, I could not make it because of work I was really pissed and I thought I would have to wait again a long time before getting a new opportunity. But once I knew about pet sitting, my hope to travel soon came back.

After sending requests and hardly got any answer, my dream started when on June 13th 2017 I received a message from Abby (who happens to be this blog’s founder ) telling me she and her husband would love to have me as a pet sitter for their little dog at their place in Turin, Italy!!! What to say??? I was so excited!!!! Honestly, I was ready to go to many destinations as long as I could afford the plane ticket but Italy was on the list of the countries I wanted absolutely to visit in my life because guess what, I’m Caribbean but my ancestors were Italian! But up to there I knew nothing about Italy because my father family has lost everything of their Italian heritage (we think our grand grand father who first migrated in France came in the beginning of the 19th century, that is to say more than 200 years ago). As a consequence, the only thing I had kept from my Italian ancestors was my name. I felt so excited to reconnect with this part of me!

With Abby we planned everything at distance, speaking via emails and whatsapp and on Friday the 10th of August 2017 I landed in Torino!!! Abby’s husband, Lorenzo came pick me up at the train station with Nyles, the dog whose I owe this trip!!

Nyles jumped on me from the first time he saw me, asking for hugs. This dog is so adorable, he loves human company and he really shows it. Lorenzo showed me the house and told me about everything I needed to know to have a good time in Turin. I felt very welcomed and I really thank Lorenzo for that. He left us, Nyles and me, in the evening and he took his flight to join Abby in the US for their holidays.

Then a weekworth of adventures with Nyles began! I got to see all of Turin and visit a couple other cities as well.

a presto,


Stay tuned to read the rest of Laurence’s story and her travel guides to Turin, Florence, and Genoa!

Posts will be going up next week.

Site used to plan house sitting was

It is a free site and a great way to travel or have someone take care of your furry child while away on holiday



  1. Brenda

    September 16, 2017 at 9:52 AM

    What an amazing story! Definitely pet and house sitting are making it a lot easier for many to travel!

    1. Laurence

      September 16, 2017 at 1:04 PM

      Exactly Brenda! Thanks for your comment. Have you ever tried pet sitting? Has it been a longtime since you first heard about it? Because when I was explaining to people that I had come to Italy all the way from Guadeloupe to take care of a dog, they were really surprised. Many people still don’t know pet sitting as a way to travel but I think it will be quite common in a couple of years because of all its advantages.

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