A Dessert for Coffee Lovers: Francy’s Tiramisù

Are you in need of a little pick-me-up? Well, that is exactly what tiramisù is! Tiramisù is a typical Italian dessert and personally, one of my favorites. The literal translation of tiramisù is “pick me up.” It is a kind of cake made with cream, light fluffy biscuits, and LOTS of espresso.

My mom and I had the joy of learning how to make this delicious sweet. My friend, Francesca, has been making my husband’s birthday cake (a giant pan of tiramisù) for the past three years and I finally decided it was time I learned how to as well. Francy generously took the time to teach us her family recipe, and she was kind enough to let me write it down and share it with all of you!

Francy’s Tiramisù Recipe:


-1 pack of Ladyfingers
-4 large eggs or 6 medium-sized eggs
– coffee (10-12 shots of espresso)
– mascarpone
– sugar
– salt
– amaretti cookies (if you can find them)
-large rectangular pan (ideal for making lasagna)
– cocoa powder


1.Make about 10 shots of espresso, add four teaspoons of sugar and let it cool.

2. Separate eggs, yolks in one bowl, whites in another

3.Add a tiny pinch of salt to the egg whites

4. Whip the egg whites until they are light and fluffy (you will need an electric mixer to do this). Make sure to whip the eggs constantly in the same direction or they will not become the fluffy consistency needed for tiramisú. Once whipped, place this bowl in the fridge.

*Francy recommends flipping the bowl over to see if they have been perfectly whipped, if they stay inside the bowl, you’re good to go!

5. Now with the other bowl of egg yolks, slowly add about a cup of sugar while constantly stirring.

6. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the mascarpone, folding it in with a spatula.

7. Crumble 6 amaretti cookies into the egg yolk and mascarpone mixture (optional)

8. Very slowly fold the chilled fluffy egg whites into the mixture.

*Make sure you’re always stirring in the same direction.

9.Add a quarter cup of milk to the espresso.

10. Coat the bottom of the pan with the cream mixture

11. Quickly roll the ladyfingers in the espresso and place them in lines on top of the cream.

12. Once the pan is filled with a layer of ladyfingers add another layer of cream and continue repeating step 10 and 11 until the pan is full.

13. The last layer of cream top you will top with cocoa powder and (optional) decorate with amaretti cookies!

14. Refrigerate for about four hours or over night and it’s ready to eat!


To the left is a photo of the finished result complete with birthday candles!

Let us know if y0u have ever tried making tiramisù. What is your go to recipe?

If you try Francy’s recipe post a pic to facebook or instagram, tag @theitalianizedblonde and use the hashtag #francystiramisu

Thanks for reading and Buon Appetito!



A little bit about the chef and my friend, Francesca:

I met Francy when I first moved to Turin and was looking for a room to rent. We were two “foreigners” in the north of Italy. Francesca is from the Southern Italian Island of Sardinia. Southern Italians are known for their hospitality and this is definitely true for Francy. She is always so warm and welcoming, and her smile is contagious. For one summer we were roomies and she quickly became a very good friend. I often joke that she is the Italian mom I never had. She taught me most of the Italian I know, insisting everyday to chat even when I couldn’t form proper sentences and would look at her with eyes as wide as a deer in headlights not having a clue what she was saying. Years later all these conversations paid off! Francy has always tried to teach me to cook proper Italian food, and stopped many kitchen disasters from happening. She’s shunned me multiple times for my lack of skills in the kitchen and has cooked me many meals not allowing me to eat the apple or sadly bland salad I had planned for lunch. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Francy in their life! I know I sure am grateful to have her in my life!

Thanks for everything Italian mom!


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