A Foodie in Genoa: Top 6 Restaurants to Check Out

If you are a foodie or happen to be obsessed with Italian food, Genoa is the city for you! Genoa is known as the birthplace of pesto (a basil sauce for pasta) and the genovese people love to eat good food. The region has several typical dishes that are enjoy all around Italy, and several are now international. Restaurants are on ever corner and most of the time they are full, especially on weekend nights for dinner. Here are a few of my favorites featuring local cuisine from the region and city. Check them out or indulge virtually through the photos!

Terrazza Del Ducale

If you’re looking for an elegant evening and wanting to feel like royalty this quiet little restaurant situated on the rooftop of the famous Palazzo Ducale is sure to do the trick. The food was all amazing, the tuna was the very best I have ever eaten. Welll worth it! Click here for hours and location.



Trattoria Da Mario

This is a fish restaurant a bit outside of the center, it is near the Principi Station. You wouldn’t expect it to be so delicious from the outside, you have to wander down some rather dingy and warn side streets (currently filled with scafulting as work is being done) but once you arrive at this restaurant you will fill like part of Mario’s family. You’ll be able to eat a feast and not break the bank. I highly recommend the “fritta mista” (friend fish basket)! Click here for hours and location.


Trattoria Da Maria

*If you’re looking to have a nice traditional meal out but are traveling on a budget this is definitely the place to go!

This little place we stumbled upon by luck. As we strolled back towards the historic port from Via Garibaldi, we found a neon sign pointing down a tiny alley for this trattoria, and decided to check it out. There were already several locals which is always a reassuring sign. Da Maria has multiple floors with available sitting so we got a table right away and to make it even better Tuesday (the day we were there) is Lasagna day! They offer several typical plates from the region, Liguria. The food is homemade and delicious. The pesto lasagna was scrumptious! Truly amazing, and it is so affordable! Click here for hours and location.


Lido Tortuga

This pizzeria/focacceria made the list mainly due to location. Lido Tortuga is in the Boccadasse neighborhood and is situated right over the beach so you get a great view of the sea while you enjoy a pizza or my personal favorite the Ligurian focaccia! A great meal after a long day at the beach. Click here for hours and location.


Eataly at Porto Antico

Eataly is always a good bet, if you’re unfamiliar with this chain, check out their website here. Eataly was first started in Turin, Italy about ten years ago it consists of restaurants, bars, and a little boutique grocery shop. It is all about the slow food movement and is now an international chain. The Eataly in Genoa is located at the historic Port (Porto Antico) and is the best place to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of local bubbly! Click here for hours and location.


La Locanda Del Molo

This last place is a great focacceria, as well as, an overall restaurant, I went with four people and we all ordered different things and it was all delicious. It’s a beautiful old building tucked away down one of Genoa’s charismatic streets. It has a giant wood burning oven which baked the wonderful pizzas, focaccia, and farinata (most try!) that we all enjoyed. La Locanda Del Molo also had a large desserts menu and a great tiramisù. In additional, the servers were very helpful and friendly which is always an added perk! Click here for hours and location.


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