Three Reasons to Explore The Piedmont Region

Piedmont is a northern region in Italy bordered by Switzerland and France. I call the capital of the region, Turin, home for the moment. After living here for two years I’ve come up with a small list of the three main reasons you should visit this region and what makes it unique.


Piedmont has rich soil that is famous for producing some of Italy’s most famous wines. The Langhe and Monferrato regions are just a short drive from the capital city Turin and are filled with vineyards and quaint little towns famous for their wineries such as Barolo, Asti, Alba, Barbaresco (all well worth checking out)! Wine from this region is most famous for it’s high quality called DOCG. Some wines you may be familiar with from this region are: Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and Barolo.

Enjoying some local wine in Turin’s largest piazza



I am definitely a city girl but coming from Michigan I also highly appreciate nature and love hiking and getting some fresh air. So, I find Piedmont is the perfect region for me. Turin is a medium sized city. It’s big enough there is everything I want, bars, restaurant, shops all in walking distance from my house plus several bus lines and a metro which eliminate the need for a car (love that!). Yet, Turin is small enough I never feel too lost or overwhelmed. From my apartment that is located in the heart of Turin I need less than 45 minutes to be fully immersed in nature, and if you don’t have a car it is not essential, although it does make day trips easier.

A typical hiking path you can find in Piedmont

In this region you’re never more than a train ride or a car trip away from being immersed in the natural beauty of the alps.


The Piedmont region has a rich history. For an American, the extent of recorded history continues to amaze me. Piedmont was not only once part of the Roman Empire, but it also was the first capital city of Italy, as well as the home for many important kings of empires and kingdoms that divided Italy over the centuries. Due to these significant events and the importance Turin and Piedmont has had to Italian history there are several artifacts that remain and remind us of the past. By living in Piedmont is living in a museum. Everyday I can appreciate the thousands of years of history that have formed this region, including: Roman roads, medieval castles, forts on tops of mountains overlooking the cities, the ancient city walls masking ever changing and growing towns, beautiful 17th century palaces, and many more stunning site. If you’re a history nerd, and freak out about the chance to walk where Roman Empires once marched this is your region. Not to mention there are some great places where you can taste wine inside a castles, or see glamorous art exhibitions in rooms where a King once dined.

This is an old church that is now a wine shop in Langhe.

A shot from Veneria, the summer palace for the king a 30 minute drive from Turin

Thanks so much for reading! If you’ve ever been to the Piedmont region tell us your thoughts!



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  1. Beth

    July 11, 2017 at 1:51 AM

    Love this, Abby! So grateful to spend time there last summer even if so brief!! Makes me want to return for more. 🙂

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