Part 1: An Overview. Our Trip to Cagliari, Sardinia

Finally a little vacay time!


After a busy month of travel and work, I’m finally getting back in the swing of things with the blog, and I am so excited to get to share photos and some details about Emily and my trip to Sardina over the Easter holiday!

Springtime in Italy is a crazy period full of festivities. Easter generally falls in the early weeks of April, and then on the 25th Italians celebrate Liberation Day, May 1st is Labor Day, and the June 2nd is Independence Day. Plus, my anniversary is in the middle of it all! So, spring is quite busy with lots of celebrations and this year it included tons of wonderful little trips! Including four days in Cagliari, Sardinia.

I have been wanting to go to Sardinia for years, especially since living with a Sardinian roommate. Her pictures of home and descriptions of the crystal clear water were more than enough to make this beach-lover super curious to visit! So a few months back, in the cold of winter, Em and I found a great deal on a Ryanair flight and bought two tickets for a little get-away! We went from April 12-15, and every day was sunny and about 25 degrees celsius. We had left a rainy and strangely chilly spring Turin. To say the least, this weather was highly appreciated!





In the four days we were there we spent the time walking around the little streets, checking out the cute little shops and cafes, and almost every morning we went to the beach for a few hours! On the Friday before Easter we even got to enjoy some of the traditional festivities of the holiday, including watching a processional. We had such a relaxing time!

A traditional Catholic Processional

Em and I lucked out with our airbnb. If you are going to Cagliari I would highly recommend staying where we did! We booked a private room, the apartment was great and the room perfect for two. Plus, there was a hammock which was my favorite place to listen to the jazz music that came in through our open balcony doors from the bar below the house. Our hosts were fantastic, and in addition are the owners of the jazz bar!  The apartment is located inside the Castle walls, the historic center of Cagliari. Check out the airbnb here! Just a few steps down the winding ancient streets you can get to an amazing bar with the best sunset views over the city! We checked out this bar with another TIB writer, Ashley, who lived in Cagliari for six months and became our tour guide.

Em relaxing in the hammock at our airbnb!

Street view from our balcony

I felt so lucky to have this opportunity to travel and spend time with dear friends in a beautiful city. Sardinia is a real gem and worth the visit!

Buon viaggio, a la prossima


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  1. Andrew

    November 21, 2017 at 1:24 PM

    Beautiful place Cagliari, Sardinia, and beautiful ladies 🙂
    Wish to come back to Italy and visit this wonderful island

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