My Travel Inspiration: A Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mammas out there!

This post is dedicated to a very special mom, mine! Seeing as I cannot be with her in person, I thought the least I could do is share some of the many memories I have with my mom and explain how she has encouraged me to travel and be the person I am today.


My first trip ever to Italy!

When I was little my parents would always take the time to tuck my brother and I into bed. They would read stories and take the time to connect with us. I would tell my mom everything and ask a gazillion questions until I finally fell asleep. I was a very creative child and lived most days in my own little fantasy world. I think most adults would have found this hard to relate to, but not my mom. She encourage me to tell her about all my adventures whether they were real or I had dreamt them up. My mom never made me feel weird even when I struggled to fit in at school, and  looking back I am quite sure I marched to the beat of a drum that only I could hear.

At age four, I told her that I picked her to be my mom while I was still up in heaven. Who knows what I was thinking or where that idea stemmed from but I have always had a sense that we were meant to be in each others’ lives and that we both needed each other.

A lot has changed in the twenty-two years of my life, my mom and I have both grown, and matured, with that our relationship has also evolved. We have gone through rough patches, and there have been times when it’s harder to stay in touch, but throughout my life, my mom has always been my closest friend. She can make me laugh like no other, will hold me when I need to cry, listen when I need to talk, and calls me out on my faults like any good mother should. She has shaped me into the woman I am today, I am so grateful for her.

By middle school, as most of my friends and peers began to pull away from their parents I still loved spending time with my mom. She made a point of finding time just for the two of us. That is when we started taking mother-daughter trips. We had always been a family to go on long road trips and my parents never missed an opportunity to teach me about other cultures and places. They decided early on to expose my brother and I to Spanish, and although unfortunately I forgot most of what I learned, I became fascinated by other languages and a desire was sparked to see the world.

It was also important to my mom that I had a strong sense of independence, and in me, she created a little feminist (this was clear by the time I reached fourth grade, for our “wax museum” of famous Americans I decided to be Gloria Steinem, in a conservative school district not all the parents loved this). My mom taught me to be independent by role-modeling what it meant, she has always been a hard worker and a very hands-on mom, she makes time for everything and rarely asks for help. Our travels also became a way  she taught me to be more self-sufficient.

When I was fifteen, we took a long weekend to drive to Montreal from Michigan. Roughly 16 hours in the car. I gained most of my drivers education hours on that road trip (I have such a patient mom).

Another time we took a hiking trip in Northern Michigan, where we both realized that humidity, cold nights, and clouds of mosquitos were not for us, ditched the tent and got a hotel room.

One of my favorites and perhaps our longest adventure was a trip to Europe. I had been dreaming of going for so long, and worked hard to save money for my tickets. We stayed with friends in Germany, spent a week in Lake Country in Italy, and spent four days hopping through all the Parisian art galleries, which inspired me to study art history at university.

My first long haul flight, I was lucky enough to enjoy a big cup of coffee and Dutch chocolates, sure does help the jet lag.

A few years ago we spent Christmas with family in southern Spain, and explored a beautiful city, Granada.

And just last year my mom came for two weeks in the summer and we traveled around northern Italy together! We went wine tasting in Florence and then spent a few days on the beach in Liguria not far from my home.

These are only a handful of the adventures we have taken together, and this year is sure to hold many more!

Thanks Mom for always being my rock and inspiring me to travel and explore the world with an open mind and open heart. Love you to the moon and back!

Auguri e buona festa della mamma a tutte le mamme!!



  1. Beth Hartman

    May 14, 2017 at 1:26 PM

    Dear Rosie,
    How beautiful to read all these joyful memories! So in awe if the woman you are and the beautiful life you are making. Love you to the moon and back, xoxo Mom

  2. Chloe Thomas

    May 14, 2017 at 1:47 PM

    Sounds like you have a beautiful Mumma! (Mamma & Mom)
    Gorgeous post Abs xx

  3. Nancy Ablao

    May 14, 2017 at 8:47 PM

    Lovely- you have some great memories! I am sure your heart strings are being tugged today. <3

    1. Abigail

      May 16, 2017 at 11:50 AM

      Thanks for commenting Nancy! They definitely were but I’m looking forward to her visit in July!

  4. Cheryl Howard

    May 21, 2017 at 5:19 PM

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing your memories with your mom. Very sweet. It’s also so cool that you travel together. 🙂

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