Packing List for a Mediterranean Beach Vacation

A few weeks ago, I took a short trip to Sardinia, an island in the south of Italy (slightly above Sicily). It is famous for its beaches and amazing weather all year round! I had been wanting to go for a long time and finally, after being in Italy for three years, decided it was about time to go!

Cagliari at Sunset

Here is a small list of all the items I packed for my trip!



2 blouses (easy to dress up or down)
2 tank tops (one is a body suit)
jean jacket (I love my jean jacket that looks like a blazer it has such a flattering cut and was perfect for spring nights in Sardinia)




Maxi skirt
Miniskirt/shorts (personally, I don’t like shorts, so I always opt for a skirt which is also more versatile and easy to dress up)
Workout leggings

My favorite cotton maxi skirt! So comfy and goes with everything!


2 summery dresses
Beach cover-up

This is a light weight denim dress  from Mango. It works both as a dressier option with a summery scarf or casually buttoned up over a swimsuit.

Other items:

Sports bra


Sandals (I know they are hideous but I am obsessed with my Birkenstocks!)
Heels (it is crucial that my dressier pair of shoes is comfortable for walking long distances so I can still explore the city without complaining about my feet hurting)



2 necklaces
Sunglasses (the bigger the better)
Summer scarf (This is such a versatile piece. It can be used as a beach cover up and is perfect to keep you warm on chilly evenings)

My two favorite Necklaces, one is an opal pendent my husband gave me. The other is a small sapphire necklace his parents gifted me on our wedding day.

Giant sunglasses and a white cotton scarf for spritz with some of the TIB team in Cagliari!


*A great tip to have sample sizes without spending is to save all the free things you get from stores like Lush and sephora. I find the samples are enough for at least 4 days!
Face wash (I am currently obsessed with the Arbonne RE9 facial cleanser, it smells like you’re bathing in oranges and I LOVE IT!)
Body wash


*In warm weather I always prefer lighter make up and am a huge fan of switching my foundation over to a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. I am currently using a bb cream from Vichy and it is great for the heat and has spf 20!
Hair straightener


Hopefully, this will help you pack a bit faster for your next beach holiday. Have you ever been to Sardinia? We love getting your comments and would love to hear about your experience.

Stay tuned for a post all about what we did in Cagliari, Sardinia.



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