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30 Day Challenge – Italian Summer Ready

It is well into the New Year, and our resolutions to tone up, eat clean and work on that 2017 six-pack has been delayed too long.. three and a half months to be exact.

Travelling has taken priority, because, let’s face it, we can always change our resolutions to next year but you’re not going to turn down the last chance to try an Italian Nonna’s homemade tiramisu (and she’s not going to let you turn it down either).

But you know what, summer is approaching, and sometimes, eating clean has less to do with body image and more to do with mental health.

I am not a Nutritional Therapist, Dietician or Fitness Instructor, but like many young girls around the world I have done my share of detoxes, cleanses, diets, fads and calorie counting over the years in an attempt to get that ‘promised’ body.  Needless to say, I have never felt inspired or happy in the process and results were always short lasting.

At just fifteen years old, when I took a six-month exchange in Sicily, I developed my first eating disorder. I had come from being an avid dancer, active and outdoors from the beaches of Sydney, and body issues were far from my mind. I remember my family and friends telling me about all the delicious food I’d be eating and the figure loving hips I’d come back with – it never really phased me – until I lost my self-control.

I was heading to Italy! For the first time in my life, I felt more of an adult and less like a child. I was maintaining a long distance relationship and held a level of responsibility that made me feel respected.

But living there was completely different to how I had pre-empted. I hadn’t understood the difficulties of not being able to communicate, that friendships don’t come easy over sign language and that in fact, at age fifteen (especially in Italy) you are most certainly, still a baby.

The first time I walked a couple of blocks from home my host mum came chasing after me in her yellow Fiat, panicking, and told me I was not to walk alone without permission. It turns out Sicily has a few more dangers than the odd spider and occasional drunk Aussie man stumbling home from the pub.

The point is, I felt like I had to earn everything again. The trust that I had fought so hard for from my parents – during the transition into teenagehood. The social proof that I was “cool” in the schoolyard, even my personality and humour was completely masked in another language. I had lost my hard worked for independence and dictating what I did and did not put in my mouth, in some way let me gain back control.

Luckily, when I got back to Australia and took the reigns back in my adolescent world, I didn’t need to control the anorexia anymore. However, it left me with a pattern of damaging habits and body image problems. I skipped meals to combat the inevitable changes of womanhood, took up smoking and drinking energy drinks to minimise on food cravings and exhausted myself during my final years of high school.

Moving into adulthood I eventually grew out of this mentality, however, have stayed curious in people’s relationship with food and how it makes them feel.

In essence, it fuels us for life.

And for a SUPER life, we need to fuel it with SUPER things..

I eventually studied Nutritional Medicine at college and although I changed paths one year into my course, remained passionate about helping people maintain a healthy relationship with food and have them live their best life.

Through my Health & Wellness Business, I give busy people the tools they need to build that relationship with clean eating and nutrition while keeping it simple. In understanding that, as travellers, we can’t always get our hands on (or want to get our hands on) the most nourishing options, by counteracting bad habits with better ones, we can maintain equilibrium and health.

They say it takes 27 days to form a habit, so we are launching the #30dayscleanwithTIB to help you create those healthier habits, to live your best life.

Some of the things we will be focusing on:

  • Setting the body up in an alkaline environment – acidic bodies are where disease manifest so firstly we want to get rid of acidic forming foods like dairy, excess animal protein, processed foods, high fructose, white sugars, alcohol and caffeine*
    *we will help you replace those Italian espressos don’t you worry
  • Decrease toxins going in and toxins going out – this will give a rest on your elimination organs, giving you more energy to use wisely. You will notice your skin becoming clearer, your eyes becoming brighter and your mind becoming sharper. Toxins are also stored in fat cells in the body so as a result of ridding toxins, you’ll also shed that winter pizza layer 🙂
  • Restoring Gut Health – Studies show that the gut is the second brain, 90% of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive tract (A Happy Hormone) which regulates anxiety, happiness, mood, linking to depression. A huge portion of your immune system is also in your GI tract, and it is where you absorb your nutrients from the food you eat. We want to make sure it is intact.
  • Identify food sensitivities – by focusing on what you put in, and you focus on what you are putting out. All bodies are made differently, and the best way to love your body is to learn about what it likes and what it doesn’t and how different foods make you feel.
  • Finding a balance – between the physical, emotional, nutritional and motivational elements in your life, incorporating a holistic approach to healthy living.

But Chloe you say, I am a traveller. If I can’t eat these foods, what can I eat? And how will I find the time to prepare myself on my travels.

In our #30dayscleanwithTIB, you will be eating REAL, WHOLE-FOODS with help from Arbonne’s Nutrition Support range. We are are putting the guidance and support in place to make the transition easy, fun and enjoyable.

Here is what you get when taking on the challenge:

  • Facebook support group 
  • Daily meal ideas and recipes 
  • A shopping list 
  • Whole-food, Vegan Certified, Plant-based Arbonne Nutritional Range* including:
    1. Yellow Pea Protein Nutrition &/OR Yellow Pea Protein Meal Replacement for super busy people (to add to health smoothies) ✓
    2. Greens Balance (23 servings of fruit/veg in one shot – to up vitamin & mineral intake) ✓
    3. Fibre boost (to add to health smoothies to help gastrointestinal health) ✓
    4. Fizz Sticks (guarana, chromium, green tea, taurine, ginseng root, riboflavin, niacin & antioxidants to promote alertness and YOUR ESPRESSO REPLACEMENT) ✓
    5. Digestion Plus (Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes help optimal digestive health) ✓
    6. Herbal Detox Tea (9 botanical blend helps kidneys and liver during toxin elimination) ✓
  • Motivation ✓
  • At home YouTube 30 minute daily exercise routine for busy people ✓
  • A new approach to life and healthy living ✓

* Arbonne Nutrition Range is dependent on country of residence and the total cost for this package is approx $7.00 (USD)
per day over 30 days.

Remember you are re-directing your spending here,
from bad habits to better ones.

When are we kicking off the #30dayscleanwithTIB and are you ready to join us?

The 30 days to clean movement will run throughout the month of May, so we are body, mind and spirit ready for the European Summer.

Reasons to join us include:

  • Energy & vitality
  • Clear skin
  • Shed stubborn fat
  • Sleep better
  • Clear of toxins
  • 30-day rest and recharge
  • Muscle definition
  • Bikini ready
  • Alkaline body
  • Happiness
  • Learn about your body
  • Recipes
  • Confidence
  • Workout plan
  • Friendships

What have people been saying about the 3o day program, Chloe? 







So what is next?

Email the TIB team, connect with us on Facebook to get yourself booked in for the challenge before the 20th of April!

P.S We have limited spots so make sure you message us quick.

We can’t wait to get 30 days clean with you!

A presto,

Chloe Xx

Arbonne Independent Consultant and TIB writer.

For more details on Arbonne’s pure, safe, beneficial products head here: Nutrition+Catalogue+Insert+Australia

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