Arrivederci Torino. What’s Next for Me???

The most recent blog post by our TIB guest writer, Ashley Lax is incredible and exactly what I needed to read when I read it. She so eloquently expresses the emotions and heartache of saying goodbye to the people we grow to love when being a traveler and how to be grateful for the memories you have shared rather than sad to leave the world you’ve built.

Read her blog entry here:

I am feeling a lot of heartbreak right now as I leave behind the people that meant the most to me. So here is a little note to a few…

To my two crazy, fun, sweet, and incredible Italian boys!. I’ll always remember our dance parties, cookie making, obstacle courses, greeting our friendly dude Claudio everyday, making up songs, taking silly pictures and videos, wrestling, cuddling, kissing, hugging, reading, gun fights, our Superhero Squad, saying “misa” and “cool beans cool”, practicing English, our little adventures, gelato trips and everything else in between. You are both amazing boys and I love you so much!

I’m absolutely in love with this photo! These two are precious to me and will be greatly missed.





To Alessia their young, cool, unique and fun mother who became a really good and trusted friend and someone I could rely on and talk to about anything. Thank you for letting me talk your ear off while you worked and patiently enduring all my comments about relationships and friendships. I really trust your advice and needed your voice of reason in my life! I also so loved and appreciated your and Ronnie’s constant generosity and willingness to help with anything. You two were the best!

Saying my goodbyes to this amazing family. Thank you again for everything!


Drinking wine and eating pancakes. Can’t take the wine out of an Italian lol.


Lorenzo Rubino (Lor) for putting up with my part time living with you most weekends and taking over the bathroom lol. I really love you a ton and valued anything you had to say. Your honestly and observations are such amazing qualities and I’m so glad to have a friend like you.


To all the people I met and spent even a little time with, thanks for hanging out! Especially to Jess, Ashley, Michaela, Priscila, Ghazal and Guilia, I’m so glad for the time and talks I had with each of you! Thank you for being my friend if only for a short while. You are all amazing!

Priscila from Brazil. So nice connecting in our beliefs and meeting you!

Jess from Australia. Love you girl! Thanks for letting me stay over a few times. I wish you the best!

Guilia from Torino. I loved how much we had in common and wish we had more time to build our new friendship. See you again!

Michaela from Pinerolo. I had so much fun getting drinks in Pinerolo and exploring the library in Torino. I hope to see you again!

Celebrating woman’s day with so many amazing ladies!


Wine in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.


Love this one.



Wine tasting in Barolo with great friends.


Our guest writer Chloe came to visit for the weekend! We love her.


A night with new friends in Pinerolo.



A day in Milano with a couple new friends.


Titta, the Italian nanny for all the cousins. So nice to spend time with you! Keep on practicing those French braids. 🙂



New Years Eve in Torino


Settlers of Catan at Ale’s House.


Skiing in Sestiere with my friends Matteo and Umberto.


Halloween night with my Torino buddies.


Costumes for Ale’s Birthday Party. I think we did good 🙂


Tony from Germany came to visit and we were all instant friends! Loved this weekend.

Mau, I have loved getting to know you these past 2.5 months. Thank you for all our talks, letting me teach you a few new American phrases and words and teaching me how to make 8.5 out of 10 rated tiramisu (according to Lorenzo which is saying ALOT). And as promised, I will never ever share the recipe! It will be my life long secret 😉

MaUrizio (his name is literally impossible to say so I call him, “Mau”)


Ale, I really, really like you as a friend and I have from the start. You are such a ball of energy and fun and getting to know you these last few months was so great and I’m glad to have met you! Thanks for the invite to L’ Aquila and all the dance parties. I hope the best for your life and that our paths cross again in Italy or abroad (come to America to see me and we’ll road trip!).

Ale and I when I went to visit him in his home town over Christmas break in L’Aquila. Thank you for being such an exceptional host and friend. I hope to meet again!


Finally, my Abs. I will keep it brief here because I’ll become a mess of uncontrollable tears in public and I know how much you hate drawing attention. So what I will say is if everything was absolutely terrible in Torino and I only had you, you would be enough of a reason to make my sad days happy ones (I know I sound so cheesy…just take it ;). You were my favorite part of life in Italy and have become one of the most valuable people to me. I’m so blessed to call you my friend and I know we will be always. Joining in on TIB with you, morning coffee at your place, countless amazing and vulnerable conversations, walks through the city, getting ready together, cuddling with Lorenzo, and so many lunches, dinners and drinking wine. I love you so much that it hurts to say goodbye but I know it’s not forever. I can’t FREAKIN wait for Sardinia in 1 week. It will be amazing!!! Miss you already.


Making a Mexican style dinner together.


Pinerolo, thank you for being the little town I spent many days wandering and long hours sitting in book stores blogging, reading and eating everything off the menu. Your old town is precious and San Maurizio is absolutely stunning! You have spectacular views of the Alps that are unforgettable and note worthy! I will pass it on to other travels and recommend you. 🙂

View of Pinerolo from San Maurizio church.


Torino, you are lovely. Your classic architecture, royal history and open piazzas are breathtaking and it never got old sitting in Piazza Castello, Piazza San Carlo or Piazza Vittorio Veneto and taking in the people, shops, and sounds of everyday life in the city. I’ll miss getting drinks and aperitivos in San Salvario and wandering the narrow, stone-covered streets of the Quadrilateral Romano. I’ll miss shopping in Porto Palazzo market, weekend events and festivals, live musicians, corner cafes and main streets like Via Garibaldi, Via Roma and Via Po. I walked them all multiple times and it’s always just as beautiful as the first day. I gained amazing friends from living there and I will be eternally grateful. Thanks for the good times!

Piazza San Carlo

View from Monte Cappuccini of the Mole Antonelliana.

Piazza Castello

So where will my next adventure take me???


Well, here is my itinerary for the next 2-2.5 months (if all goes according to planned…)


 Siena, Tuscany

Cagliari, Sardinia

Sciacca, Sicily



Travelling Eastern Europe with my little bro, Nolan (DAHH! SO EXCITED!!!)

Going on some adventure in some country somewhere for 20 days 🙂


Somewhere in here I will go back to Torino to visit, possibly fit Greece in somewhere and then head back to Oregon, U.S. where I have my eyes set on a new career path and new city. Pray that all works out!


Saluti to the good times, memories I experienced, and to a future full of even more! I will never forget all of the friends I have gained and I’m so glad to have each of you in my life now.



Con Tanto Amore,



  1. Chloe Thomas

    April 7, 2017 at 11:38 AM

    Just a gorgeous post Emily. You had me fall in love with Italy all over again and even though we were short to cross paths, you will always stick out in my mind as the brightest ray of sunshine! hehe. Your energy is infectious. Excited for you new adventures. Keep up the posts!

    1. Emily

      April 9, 2017 at 9:25 AM

      Thank you so much, Chloe! I’m sure we will meet again in the future. 🙂 I will of course keep writing and I’m excited to see more posts from you!

  2. Ryan H.

    April 19, 2017 at 10:02 AM

    I enjoyed reading this heartfelt post Emily. Even though it’s sad to say goodbye, your messages and fun pictures show how you’ve blessed others and obviously been blessed in your Italy adventure!

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