Upside Down: An Italian Love Story Told in Reverse by Pia

Ciao Ragazzi,
I am Pia from Leipzig, Germany.
My lovely friend Abby asked me to write something for the blog to add a new perspective and as I am one of her blog’s loyal followers, I am very happy to do so!

(Can it get more German?)

To spice up my post a little bit, I will start it from the ending of my love story with Italy and by doing so,  introduce myself.

Let’s me just recap the last two years of my life very quickly: Two years ago I was just preparing for my A Levels, finished 12 years of school and spending a very relaxed summer in Germany with all my high school friends. There was a melancholy mood in the air that summer full of  “goodbyes” , because I was about to move to Turin to AuPair for a family for 10 months time.

However, I can now say it was the 10 most amazing months of my life. I made friendships that will last lifelong, I met a family that I love like my own one, I learned another language that helps me to express things how only an Italian could. It paved my way to my “career” (I am studying English and Italian to become a teacher) and most of all it made me a different person, and split my heart. I came back to Germany to my old friends, family, to my old hometown and I know I made the right decision returning for University but still a big chunk of my heart remains in Italy.The year abroad showed who my real friends are back home and so I am gfateful to now be surrounded by good, true friends.

After some time it got normal for me to be back home in Germany, everyone had heard my stories but they could never fully relate to them, some people were even tired of hearing them. Even now, 7 months later, I am still annoying everyone with: “you know in Italy they do that, oh that coffee is from Turin…etc” But what can I do?I really am “innamorato” (in love) with all my heart of Turin. The nice thing is, even though it was not always easy back in Italy, living abroad f0r the first time, and I had momens I really just wanted to have a warm hug from my mom or my best friend – now, I just see the positive things in my flashback to the good old Italian days – like someone who is freshly fallen in love, and still on the honeymoon.

Italy taught me a whole new way of life and influenced me so much. So, even now, I try to spread some of the Italian sunshine in Germany, and to “italianize” everybody a little bit, regardless of if they want it or not.

I hope this short flow of my thoughts gave you an idea of who is writing and that I can add a whole new “European-European” perspective to the blog. Even though, Italy is not even 1000 kilometres away from where I live, it is a whole new beautiful world.
Ci sentiamo presto,

baci Pia

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