What I packed for a weekend in London

Recently, I went for just a weekend trip to meet Emily in London. I love weekend getaways and finally after many trips I have mastered packing minimally with a good variety of options for a short vacation!

Here is my general checklist for a three day trip:
Two pairs of pants (or one pair of pants and one skirt)
Two tops: one comfy, the other more dressy
Leather jacket, easy basic to dress up and down
One pair of black boots that are comfortable for walking
Enough socks and undies for every day
Pajamas or sweatpants and a t-shirt

The Italianized Blonde
What I took to London for a three day chilly winter trip:

1. Two sweaters (or as the British would say “jumpers”)

One form fitting black turtle neck that could go a bit more dressy and one giant, warm, oh-so-soft white cable knit sweater.

2. Two pairs of pants:

Dark blue high wasted jeans and a pair of black skinny jeans.

3. Yoga pants and stripped long sleeve t-shirt. Perfect for sleeping and being comfy.

4. Tank tops and a long sleeve T just to layer and stay warm

5. Wool socks, a necessity in a cold city where you plan to do a lot of walking

6. My favorite dark blue leather jacket. This is one of my favorite wardrobe pieces, it is so warm seeing as it is genuine leather, and can dress up/or make for a more edgy look. I popped it over my black turtle neck with a nice long necklace and was ready for an evening.

Not photographed:

7. Of course undies and bras

8. A warm long black wool jacket that is a bit on the dressier side but also very warm.

9. Hat, giant black scarf, and gloves: a giant scarf also doubles as a great blanket for the plane ride.

10. Knee-high black swede boots: basic, warm and go well with every item.


Make-up, accessories, and toiletries:

The Italianized Blondes

In some ways I can be a total girly girl, so I really love having the option of a great make-up collection so I can get done up if I decide to go out on the town. Then again, for a short trip there is never a need to bring your whole make up collection. So, these are the basics I stuck to:

1. Foundation: Rimmel 24 Long wear, it is great coverage and applies easily.

2. Contouring stick: this was just a cheap off brand I picked up in Italy but I love it because it applies so quickly! Just swipe it on and do minimal blending and you’re all set.

3. Naked2 Urban Decay Eye pallet. This is a great matte neutral collection of eye shadows. It’s small, so easy for travel but also has every shade you might want. Plus there is a light shade that I often use as a highlighter.

4. My favorite MAC lipstick: D for Dangerous, a great dramatic pop of red that dresses up any look. It was also great for my trip because all my clothing was neutral, therefore this deep red added a fun pop!



5. Big black sunglasses: these are great when traveling because no matter how tired you are no one can tell!

6. Make-up wipes! One of the most important things for a trip, this way you can clean up regardless of where you are and feel fresh!

7. Dry shampoo just in case the hostel showers are a bit scary or you’re rushing and don’t wanna have oily looking hair.

8. A couple nice accent accessories. I took a turquoise long necklace to dress up my black turtle neck and change up the outfit, plus a pair of shimmery earrings!

9. The basics: hair brush, deodorant, lip balm.

10. Tea tree oil: this is awesome for so many things, most of all I use it on spots and blemishes. It works wonders!

That about sums it up! Of course, I wasn’t able to take the pup with me! Although he was a great help with all the packing!

The bag, that I have been using for about five years for every weekend get-away and almost every trip, is my Northface backpack. It is perfect. It is small and lightweight yet still fits everything I need and has a laptop slot. I prefer traveling with a backpack because then you never have to worry about cobblestone streets or stairs.

I hope you found my tips and tricks helpful and if you’re planning a weekend away, enjoy traveling and have a blast!!!


Buon Viaggio,


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