Meeting Em and Starting TIB

When I moved to Turin to be with my husband (then boyfriend) I struggle  to find friends. My life was great: I had a job I liked, I met nice people, and I had (and fortunately continue to have) an amazing, patient, loving husband. Yet, I still felt a bit empty. I couldn’t find my people. You know, those friends that are family. The ones you can turn to for anything, the ones that will cry with you, and a minute later make you laugh hard enough to pee your pants. Those are the friends that become the most honest reflection of yourself. The ones you depend on. For awhile part of me worried that married life meant limiting friendship. Luckily enough, I was wrong and recently I have a wonderful friend who is willing to start this blog with me!


The Italianized Blonde

I came to Italy as an Au Pair more or less a foreign nanny who is hired not just to care for the kids but also teach another language and provide a cultural exchange. Au pairs have a huge social media network and luckily it is an easy way to meet other foreign girls.

dsc_0261Emily had messaged me on Facebook after someone tagged me in one of her posts on an Au pair Facebook page. However, by this point I had given up meeting with Au pairs, on account that most are just around for three months or seem rather immature and view life in Italy solely as a holiday. Coming to a) get drunk because they are american and for the first time have the chance to legally drink or b) ride an Italian stallion…after a while this gets quite old.

Yet when Emily wrote me something me curious to meet her. She was taking her move to Italy more seriously and  as someone who did the same, I highly respect that. Em didn’t come as a tourist but as a new girl moving into a new home and  a fresh start. The more I get to know her the more I grow to love Emily. She has a story and more depth than many of us in our twenties.  I admire her strength which adds to her beauty. She is bubbly, kind and a wonderful listener.

We met over coffee with another good friend from the states Rosalyn, who I connected with instantly over our dsc_0303common stories of dating Italians. Ros is a great friend to both Emily and I (and will probably show up in many articles to come) and really helped us connect seeing as she shared more things with each of us. She helped show Em and I that even though we have different up-bringings and beliefs we still have a ton in common!  We share many interests such as our passion for dance, travel, and work with kids.

Emily is bluntly honest. This is a quality in people that I highly admire and one of the reasons I fell in love with my husband, Lorenzo. Honesty is so refreshing most of all in a country like Italy, I find so much is done here just for show. When a person is genuine and natural, they expose a daring vulnerability. I know it is easier to hide, to dress in fancy clothes, cover your imperfections with make up, and put on a smile just to fake your way through a bad day. But with people like Emily, she sees through this facade, and lets her walls down. Her honesty is testing but I find it a relief. I know I can be my full self with Emily and be loved and respected.


Since meeting Emily I have felt more at home in Italy, and even Lorenzo has noticed that I am happier. I have my other american, my little slice of home, my sidekick for any adventure, my sister from different misters, my rocks. Em makes me laugh constantly, and she is my person for whatever minor or huge crisis may arise. Already she can read my every expression, which normally takes people quite a bit of time. She is an honest reflection of myself, and challenges me to be a better person.  I continue to thank my lucky stars that I have these this blonde in my life.

I can’t wait to get this blog going. Two is always better than one and I am so glad we are taking on this project together. Sharing our experiences and opinions about life in Italy.

a presto,


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