The Italianized Blonde


One Day in Genoa and the Amazing Mediterranean Swim

Laurence’s Post Part 3 As I wanted to optimize my stay in Italy and visit other parts of the country, I decided to take the train with Nyles and go to Genoa for a day. It was such a wonderful day: I made some sightseeing in the city center in the morning, I ate the most delicious pesto pasta dish ever at Soul Kitchen and icing of the cake, I had a swim at the beach in Genova Nirve! One of my best moment of my trip! I was far from thinking of swimming in Genoa because I didn’t know I would  ...

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A Non-Intimidating Guide to Wine Tasting

For us wine-lovers, participating in your first wine-tasting can be a bit daunting, I remember my first tasting as being quite an intimidating experience—I didn’t know the etiquette or the process. Since then, I’ve embraced my inner wineo, studied lots, and had the privilege of visiting several wineries and participating in many more tasting. Italy is wine country and if you have the chance to visit, I highly recommend checking out local wineries. This post will give you the tools to  ...

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Turin: What A Wonderful Surprise

Laurence’s Post Part 2 After a good night’s sleep, my tourist adventure in Turin (In Italian the city is called Torino) began. I spent all week there, walking around every day from morning to evening, making visits and what I saw of Turin really delighted me! Honestly, I was not expecting that much of Turin in terms of beauty because I heard about it as an industrial city as the headquarters of FIAT/FCA. But luckily, Turin surprised me in all aspects! It was such a pleasure to wander in the  ...

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No Means No: No Vuol Dire No

The sun was starting to go down, illuminating the tops of the buildings with a gold veil. Cars rushed by and scooters swerved between them. Everyone was ready to be home. I met my husband at the end of our street as we both returned from long days at work. I smiled as soon as I saw Lorenzo, but this time he didn’t smile back. He had his phone in his hand and shoved it in my face. “Do you see what this asshole posted?” He roared without even greeting me I read the meme with disgust.  ...

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